Cataract Symptoms: Learn to Identify Them

If someone close to you thinks that they are beginning to develop cataracts, do you know how to help them? Do you know the symptoms of cataracts? If you are over the age of 50, cataracts are something to keep on your radar, too, and there are symptoms that you should know about to protect your vision. Here are some of the more major cataract symptoms to consider.

Clouded Vision

Cataracts are caused by the gradual clouding process of your eyes’ natural lenses. This is something that may take a while to fully present itself, but when it does, it will likely be the most obvious symptom. Think of it like having mud on your car windshield; you can still partially see, but there is clearly something obstructing your view. If this process continues to progress, it will get in the way of everyday activities. It’s highly advised that you see a professional. Eventually, the cataract will become visible in your eye, but this effect can be fixed with a simple, safe procedure.

Other Vision Changes

In this source from the Mayo Clinic regarding possible symptoms, if you develop an abnormal sensitivity to light, it may be a sign that you are developing cataracts. Other vision changes, like your perception of color changing or fading, could also be an indicator. Double vision is also a major cause for concern and needs to be addressed with an ophthalmologist immediately.

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