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Y.E.S. In Pembroke Pines: Your Eye Specialists

At Y.E.S., our team of eye specialists provides the Pembroke Pines community with advanced eye treatments, including LASIK and laser eye surgery. Your eyes and sight are very important, and we can help you keep them that way. If you struggle with poor vision, cataracts, or an eye condition or illness, our team of ophthalmologists can help.

Why See an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is an eye specialist, with years of education and training beyond achieving certification as a medical doctor. For many eye conditions and diseases, only an ophthalmologist holds board-certification to provide treatment. At Y.E.S., our team offers highly-advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to help us identify any eye problem. Many of our patients come to us for a full eye exam yearly – a very good idea, as some eye conditions do not present symptoms in the early stages, when treatment can be more effective. We help you protect your vision!

LASIK Surgery

Countless people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism have achieved 20/20 vision with LASIK surgery. This procedure reshapes the cornea (the clear portion at the front of the eyeball) so light hits the retina correctly. The procedure is performed with our advanced laser system and is completely painless.

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK surgery was a groundbreaking development in vision correction. In use since the 80’s, laser technology has continued to advance. We ensure our patients who undergo LASIK in Pembroke Pines At Y.E.S. have all the advantages of new technology. Our laser system is a “bladeless” system that produces a superior result and faster healing time. LASIK surgery works by reshaping the cornea to produce clear, sharp vision.

What Does LASIK Feel Like?

The beauty of LASIK is that it is highly-effective, pain-free, and requires only about five minutes per eye. You will not feel any pain, although you may feel some pressure, although not to the point of discomfort. Numbing eye drops are administered to make the experience comfortable. You will be asked to look into a bright light, and your eye will be held open with a medical device.

Although you won’t be aware of exactly what our eye doctor is doing, he or she is creating a tiny incision in the cornea, through which it is reshaped. We have a digital map of your eye structure for the highest level of accuracy in the procedure. Once one eye is complete, the other eye is addressed. Just a few minutes later, your procedure is complete.

What are the Results of LASIK?

If you have worn glasses or contacts for years, we can honestly say that our patients tell us LASIK surgery is life-changing. No more glasses, no more contacts, just sharp, clear vision. Most patients who undergo the procedure will now have 20/20 vision, or even better. The results of this state-of-the-art laser surgery are truly remarkable. At Y.E.S., our eye specialists are known for their exceptional care and attention when performing LASIK, and the excellent results we achieve with our advanced technology.

Cataracts: Is Your Vision Blurry?

As people age, the clear lens within the eye can become thicker and opaque. This is the result of natural proteins that make up the structure of the lens starting to clump. The symptoms of cataracts include colors appearing dull, trouble with night vision, and blurred vision, whether in one eye, both, or affecting an area of your field of vision.

If you are developing cataracts, it is very important that you have a full eye examination. In some cases, our eye doctors may advise you to wait longer before undergoing laser cataract surgery in Pembroke Pines, and in other cases, the procedure should be performed right away. If the lens is not replaced, it can thicken and harden, leading to eye inflammation and eventual blindness.

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Laser cataract surgery is the most advanced treatment for cataracts and involves the use of a laser to access the eye structure, break apart the damaged lens, and extract it from the natural capsule where it sits, behind the colored portion of your eye. The more carefully it is extracted, the safer the procedure, which is why we use one of the most advanced “bladeless” systems available in our laser surgeries.

Once the damaged lens is extracted, a new IOL, or “intraocular lens” is inserted gently into the capsule. The incision is gently closed, and your surgery is complete. One eye is treated at a time, with about one month between surgeries.

What Does Laser Surgery Feel Like?

Your eye will be numbed with anesthetic drops, and most patients have relaxing medication to make the experience less stressful. You may not recall the details of the procedure too clearly. Most people remark that they remember some odd sounds (the laser) and visual effects, and nothing more. No pain is involved. Once your surgery is complete, you will rest and recover for a few minutes, so the medication can wear off. The treated eye will be covered with a protective eye shield. Your surgery is done – no pain, just greatly improved eyesight!

What are the Results of Laser Eye Surgery for Cataracts?

Imagine the world looking bright, colorful, and distinct. After suffering with cataracts, your visual experience will be greatly improved. Your eye requires a short time to heal, and you will have prescription eye drops to help speed recovery and avoid infection. You will need to follow all aftercare instructions carefully, but your improved vision will be an adventure you will greatly enjoy. Most people find their vision to be sharp, crisp, and clear within a day or two from the surgery, or even just a few hours.

Why Choose Y.E.S.?

At Y.E.S. in Pembroke Pines, we provide a full scope of vision correction treatments, including LASIK, laser eye surgery, along with treatments for many eye conditions and diseases. Our team of eye specialists are highly-trained, board-certified, and exceptionally kind and friendly. Your entire family will be made to feel safe and cared for when you visit our clinic. You are invited!

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