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Within the Plantation community, patients and residents alike deserve the best in eye care. Whether it’s an eye doctor addressing annual checkups or a correctional consult by a LASIK eye surgeon, patients in Plantation know that the best resource is Yes Eye Specialists. Without a doubt, we are the professionals you deserve.

For both exams and eye surgeries, whatever procedure you want, our eye doctors in Plantation at Yes Eye Specialists are your go-to solution.

Y.E.S. – Your Eye Specialists in Plantation, FL

At Y.E.S., we are all about eye health and vision correction. We provide both basic and advanced vision correction treatments, including LASIK and laser eye surgery. Are you concerned that you are losing your eyesight, or that your vision is worsening? Good eyesight is important. Any change in vision should be evaluated immediately. We are here to provide the treatments to keep your eyes healthy and help you maintain clear, sharp vision, and a better quality of life.

Why See an Ophthalmologist?

To diagnose a vision or eye condition, there is no more qualified medical professional than a board-certified ophthalmologist. This is a medical specialty that requires years of advanced training after becoming an M.D. An ophthalmologist can perform advanced diagnostic testing to identify developing eye conditions before they worsen, perform LASIK surgery and laser surgery.

When treating your eyes for any condition, or undergoing a procedure to correct your vision, you want to know that your treatment is being performed with state-of-the-art technology. At Y.E.S., we are committed to providing the most advanced treatments for our patients. The latest generation of laser systems produce improved outcomes. You deserve the best when it comes to your eyesight.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is one of the most popular vision correction treatments in the world. In use since the 80s, the technology has developed, with new LASIK systems that are safer for the patient and lead to improved outcomes. The procedure involves reshaping the cornea, the clear, curved front of the eye structure. When the cornea has developed with anomalies, the light entering your eye does not hit the retina correctly, leading to nearsightedness or farsightedness. Correcting the curve of the cornea with LASIK surgery allows the light to hit the cornea correctly, curing bad eyesight in a fast, simple procedure that requires only about five minutes to perform on each eye.

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK stands for “Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis.” Several types of LASIK systems are available today, with different features. The most advanced systems, as we use at Y.E.S., work with a digital eye-mapping tool for an exceptional level of precision reshaping the cornea. The process uses the digital map as a guide to reshape the cornea so light enters it correctly. The reshaping takes place through a small incision, called a “flap,” which is then set back in place with no need for suturing. The entire process requires only a few minutes per eye but is a high-precision procedure.

What is LASIK Surgery Like to Experience?

LASIK surgery in Plantation at Y.E.S. is painless. Numbing eye drops will be put in each eye. You will feel a sensation of pressure, but no pain. You will be required to keep both eyes open, with a special device used to hold them open. You will be asked to focus on a light. While this is a precision surgery, each eye can be corrected in about five minutes.

What are the Results of LASIK Surgery?

After LASIK surgery in Plantation at Yes Eye Specialists, your vision will be blurry, and you will need another person to drive you home. Some patients experience a mild burning or stinging and light sensitivity for a few days. Within a few hours you will notice your vision clearing.

Each person responds slightly differently, with some experiencing clear, crisp vision immediately, with others requiring a few days or a couple of weeks to experience the full effect. The beauty of LASIK is that your vision has been corrected, with most patients now having 20/20 or better. No more glasses or contacts!

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures we perform at Y.E.S. in Plantation. Our laser systems are state-of-the-art, with a “bladeless” feature that produces better, faster results and speeds healing.

What are Cataracts?

The eye lens, when healthy, is a clear natural disc. A cataract is a clouded or opaque area that develops in the lens, typically a result of age, but occasionally developing in younger people. The cloudy area may be more pronounced in one eye, only in one eye, or in both eyes. The lens of the eye is located behind the colored part of the eyeball structure (iris). The lens allows light to be focused on the retina, with the information then traveling through the optic nerve to the brain.

This amazing structure does not function correctly when the lens is cloudy, with the light entering the eye scattering rather than focusing. People with cataracts often have blurred vision, see dull colors, and have difficulties with seeing clearly at night. There is no treatment available to halt the development of cataracts. Resolution involves laser surgery to remove the damaged lens, replacing it with a synthetic lens.

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Laser cataract surgery is the process in which the damaged lens is broken apart and extracted from the eye, with a new, clear, synthetic lens placed in the lens capsule. The procedure must be performed with meticulous care to avoid damaging the capsule. At Y.E.S., we use an advanced laser system to limit the trauma to the eye for faster healing and better results.

The types of synthetic lens used will impact your vision; a traditional lens will give you clear vision, but you will still need your glasses. Advanced, multi-focus lenses make it possible to see clearly, both near and far. Health insurance typically will only cover the cost of traditional lenses.

What is Cataract Surgery Like to Experience?

Laser cataract surgery in Plantation performed by our eye specialists is not difficult to experience. You will arrive for treatment, change into a surgical gown, and lie down on a treatment bed. Your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic drops, and most patients have relaxing medication to resolve any nervousness. You will be moved into the surgical suite for the procedure. Your head will be held in place, and your eye held open with a special medical device, which is not painful.

Our eye doctor will then get to work with our state-of-the-art laser system. A tiny incision is made to access the inner structure of your eye, and the cloudy, damaged lens broken apart and gently extracted. Once removed, the new lens is inserted in the capsule, the incision flap closed, and the procedure is complete. Only one eye is treated at a time, with four weeks between the procedures.

Results of Cataract Surgery

The results of cataract surgery are very, very positive. Once blurry, fuzzy eyesight is now clear. No more dull colors, cloudy areas, or problems seeing at night. Quality of life is greatly improved, as you will be able to enjoy vision as you did in your earlier days – clear and full of color.

Why Choose Y.E.S.?

At Y.E.S., our eye specialists are committed to serving the Plantation community. Each of our eye doctors is highly-trained, experienced, and compassionate. Our goal is to help you keep your eyes healthy, your vision clear, and to treat any eye condition or illness, and correct vision with LASIK, laser eye surgery, or traditional glasses or contacts.

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