What to Expect from LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is one of the most life-changing procedures you can do for your eyes. If you are one of the many who have had eyeglasses or contacts since they could remember, LASIK is worth considering. As with any medical procedure, it can be nerve-wracking. We understand! Here is everything you can expect from lasik surgery at Yes Eye Specialists.

How Do I Begin the LASIK Process?

Before scheduling your LASIK appointment, you must be deemed eligible for surgery. We have a helpful quiz online that will guide you through the criteria to be met before considering the surgery. If you have completely healthy eyes (free of dry-eye or other eye conditions), don’t have any injuries to your eyes and you’re of-age, you’re likely a good candidate.

Why Do This Procedure?

Simply put, it is life-changing! If you have always been unhappy with your less-than-perfect eyesight, this is a way to reset your vision. LASIK treatments will fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatisms. The procedure itself is relatively quick, and discomfort is minimal. Soon, post-surgery, you will notice the drastic improvement to your sight.

Am I in Good Hands? What About the Cost?

At Your Eye Specialists, we can assure you that we are trustworthy, responsible, and know that your sight is your most important sense. We are highly trained, highly experienced, and will never perform any procedure that we do not feel completely sure about. Our patients and their optimal vision is all we care about – that is our promise to you. In terms of cost, the price of this operation will be patient-specific. We will have thorough, transparent discussions with your prior to surgery and no work will begin until you’re aware of all the details.

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