As you sit down to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and newspaper (or favorite news app) you notice something… it’s more difficult to read the words on the page or screen. That’s strange. You rub your eyes, take a few long blinks, bring the article closer and then push it further away to see if that works. It doesn’t.

Presbyopia is a gradual, age-related loss of the eyes ability to focus actively on nearby objects. This condition, also known as farsightedness, usually becomes noticeable in your mid-40s and worsens until about age 65.

Symptoms of presbyopia

Symptoms of presbyopia include:

  • A need to hold reading materials at arm’s length to make the writing more clear
  • Blurred vision at a normal reading distance
  • Eyestrain after reading
  • Headaches (uncommon)

What causes presbyopia?

Presbyopia commonly occurs with age and is the result of weakened muscles and diminishing flexibility of the eye lens. As your lens becomes less flexible, it can no longer change shape to focus on close-up images. 

When to see a doctor

If you’re experiencing difficulty with reading or doing other close-up work or activities, your eye doctor may diagnose presbyopia (or another condition) and talk to you about possible treatment options. This common condition is easily corrected with non-prescription or prescription reading glasses, contact lenses or LASIK surgery.

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK, or laser eye surgery, is a type of refractive surgery to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (a common imperfection in the shape of the eye lens). 

Benefits of LASIK

If you’re ready to get rid of your eyeglasses or contact lenses, state-of-the-art LASIK surgery from Your Eye Specialists (YES) can help. Here are the benefits of LASIK:

  • Fast, relatively painless procedure
  • Near immediate results
  • Fast recovery time
  • No hospitalization required
  • Minimal side effects
  • Clear and focused vision

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